Retailers Personalize Consumer Email

The retail industry is using e-mail to personalize its messages to consumers.

“It’s not just putting the consumers name in the subject line. We want to speak to the customer in a more intelligent way,” said Ryan Phelan, director of email marketing for Sears Holding Corp.

Marketing additional services
More companies are realizing the value of integrating the personalized message through all channels of communications. Retail marketers create an individual customer profile based on customer purchases.

For example, if a customer buys a new flat-screen television, a mobile message containing information about how to sign up for a warranty could follow.

Sears’ coupon campaign
Sears took steps to promote its new e-mail program by running a coupon campaign offering customers who signed up for the program a coupon for 10 dollars off their purchase. Since starting the promotion last June, Sears has experienced 50 percent increased participation in its e-mail list.

The takeaway from this trend is that there are many effective, newer means of reaching target markets in a highly relevant, personalized and cost-effective way.

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