Cornering the Market on Making Computer-to-TV Viewing Possible

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As more and more videos and movies become available online, either through free sites like or through paid rental programs like Netflix, users are most frustrated by one thing: The small size of even the biggest laptop screen makes it difficult to enjoy a movie from across the room – or to share the experience with more than one person.

Many people are starting to hook up their computers to the TV so that they can watch their videos full-screen without having to sign up for cable or satellite subscriptions. This news is surely upsetting to cable networks that have been trying to figure out how to get more subscribers while the online media possibilities are changing what’s expected of them, but it’s good news for tech companies who can make that computer-to-TV conversion easy for the non-tech-savvy.

Intel has already come out with just such a product, working with Netgear. Intel’s system doesn’t work on Apple computers – or, indeed, on many laptops at all. There are three specific laptops that it works on, one each from Toshiba, Sony, and Dell and all of them available from Best Buy.

It works like a charm, though, so for users who really want the full-screen experience, it might be worth the purchase that supports those companies. It’s yet to be seen whether this is smart marketing or simply frustrating.

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