Selling a Brand May Make a Difference in Magazine Ad Spending

Although industry experts say that magazine closures are far from being over, there is some silver lining for many titles that have discovered the power of selling their brand.

The Publishers Information Bureau recently released its second quarter ad sales data and it points to a slow recovery, but a recovery nonetheless. Those that are surviving closure and maintaining stable ad figures have tapped into selling their brand.

When a magazine like Rolling Stone is able to rally their readers around the brand, ad buyers are investing more into that brand. Publishers are putting an emphasis on the brand as whole by having sales teams sell cross-platform advertising rather than having different ads for different mediums. For example, a media buyer will invest in ad space in the print copy of the Rolling Stone as well as their online portals, like their website, iPad and mobile phone editions.

Broad categories like entertainment, news, technology, opinion leader and business magazines are seeing the most comeback, with some niche lifestyle publications in there as well. Rolling Stone experienced a 71% increase in ad spending in the first quarter of 2011. Also on the increase were Hispanic magazines, which saw an 18% ad spend increase in the same period of time.

When a publication is able to develop a strong brand across several different platforms, it becomes a surer bet for advertisers. Although there are likely to be additional closures in the coming years, the publishers who can tap into brand presence will be able to maintain their positions in the area of media buying.

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