Is Facebook Growing Up Too Fast?

Facebook is signing up nearly a million new members every day, has over 70% of its users overseas, and is a favorite time-killer for everyone from soccer moms to tweens to working professionals to college kids to the elderly.

It links people in ways that were never conceived of before, and it targets advertising so precisely that buyers are seriously getting their money’s worth. So it’s doing great, right?

Maybe not.

Facebook started as a tool for college kids. Indeed, initially to sign up you had to have an email address with an educational institution’s .edu. As it’s expanded, Facebook has been trying to keep up with the needs of tech-savvy youth as well as the seriously not-tech-savvy older generation – and it’s losing people at both ends of the spectrum.

Facebook may find some restitution in being useful as opposed to being trendy. Twitter is already becoming tiresome to many, but Facebook has continued to grow and expand as it helps families keep in touch, business entrepreneurs interact and even connects people who have been far-flung by major events such as the Holocaust.

We’ll see if being useful will keep Facebook afloat while the next trends come and go.

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